LEAF Awards

Our school has been awarded the LEAF Award for the work done in the past two years (2020 and 2021). On Friday 21st January, Aaliyah and Zack represented our school in the online Award Ceremony, while on Monday 24th, the committee received the award from Mr Johann Gatt (National LEAF Coordinator). WELL DONE to all!!!

Eco-Schools 11th Young People’s Summit: We care about our future

On Tuesday 18th January 2022, our Yr 5 EkoSkola Committee members participated in the Eco-Schools 11th Young People’s Summit on Climate Change & Life Under Water. The invited expert for this summit was Prof Alan Deidun.

The programme included a welcome speech by Vincent Attard (NTM-FEE Malta Executive President), an opening note by HE Katherine Ward (British High Commissioner), an introduction by HE Prof Simone Borg (Malta’s Ambassador for Climate Change), a Q&A session with the invited expert, workshop sessions, and reporting session from each workshop with concerns and suggestions made during the workshops.

As in previous Young People’s Summits, all the concerns and suggestions raised during the workshops will be collated into a declaration that will be circulated (and approved) amongst all participants. The declaration will be presented to Members of Parliament during the next EkoSkola Parliament. The declaration together with the drawings produced by the younger members will be assembled into an online publication for wider dissemination.

Environmental Review 2022

The EkoSkola Committee is doing an Environmental Review. Photos above show Yr 6 representatives assessing the school grounds.

The aim of the Environmental Review is to:

  • Provide an opportunity to address environmental issues that are relevant to the school community,
  • Inform the school community about the state of the school’s environment and the environmental impact of the school on its surroundings,
  • Identify aspects of the school’s environment that are not usually addressed,
  • Help the school community to prioritise its needs re-environmental management,
  • Facilitate the drawing up of an environmental action plan, and
  • Provide the tools necessary for monitoring the school’s progress re the implementation of the action plan.

As part of the review process, the committee is also collecting feedback from all students at school.

The new Ekoskola Committee

The EkoSkola Committee for this scholastic year has been formed.

10 pupils from Yr 4, 5 and 6 are still serving on the committee and four new pupils from Yr 3 have been elected to replace the students who have now left for the Middle School.

This year’s committee members are:

Yr 6: Eliana Falzon, Ella Barr, Kendra Peregin Grech, AnnaMaria DeBartolomeo

Yr 5: Elisa Polidano, Jamie Grima, Julia Vella

Yr 4: Alexander Vella, Julianne Lia, Kai Schembri,

Yr 3: Anne Pace, Paige Ashley Campbell, Andrei Zammit, Martina Galea  

The committee has met twice already and elections for roles in the committee took place.

Roles for scholastic year 2021-22 are:

President: Anna Maria DeBartolomeo

Vice President: Jamie Grima

Secretaries: Eliana Falzon, Elisa Polidano

PR Officers: Ella Barr, Kendra Peregin Grech, Julia Vella

Launch of the Litterless Campaign by our Yr 6 students

As part of YRE (which stands for Young Reporters for the Environment), and in collaboration with Naxxar Local Council, our school is participating in the Litterless campaign, tackling Street Litter. The launch of the campaign took place today as part of the online special assembly on Earth Day.

Elise and Elvira gave details of the YRE programme; Jayden and Hailey explained why we chose street litter as the main focus of the campaign; Jake and Tommaso described the process and the work done for the campaign, while Duke and Jacob exhibited posters prepared for the campaign by their class, followed by other students who showed articles, photos and a video. Their work will be used in the coming weeks as part of the online campaign to reduce street litter.

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22nd April is Earth day. Our school celebrated this day with an online special assembly and themed activities in all classes.

Part 1 of the assembly was dedicated to the greenflag award we recently received. Read more about this here.

In Part 2, Emily, Miguel, Kendra, Ella, Nathan, Jack, Luca, Julia and Julianne, all members of the EkolaSkola committee, encouraged their fellow students to take care of our planet.

Part 3 was dedicated to the launch of the Litterless Campaign by our Yr 6 Students. You can read more about this here.