Launch of the Litterless Campaign by our Yr 6 students

As part of YRE (which stands for Young Reporters for the Environment), and in collaboration with Naxxar Local Council, our school is participating in the Litterless campaign, tackling Street Litter. The launch of the campaign took place today as part of the online special assembly on Earth Day.

Elise and Elvira gave details of the YRE programme; Jayden and Hailey explained why we chose street litter as the main focus of the campaign; Jake and Tommaso described the process and the work done for the campaign, while Duke and Jacob exhibited posters prepared for the campaign by their class, followed by other students who showed articles, photos and a video. Their work will be used in the coming weeks as part of the online campaign to reduce street litter.

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22nd April is Earth day. Our school celebrated this day with an online special assembly and themed activities in all classes.

Part 1 of the assembly was dedicated to the greenflag award we recently received. Read more about this here.

In Part 2, Emily, Miguel, Kendra, Ella, Nathan, Jack, Luca, Julia and Julianne, all members of the EkolaSkola committee, encouraged their fellow students to take care of our planet.

Part 3 was dedicated to the launch of the Litterless Campaign by our Yr 6 Students. You can read more about this here.

Greenflag online celebration

A special assembly to celebrate the greenflag award was held at our school this morning. As President, Hailey delivered a speech while Elisa and Jamie read poems. Lena and Michela raised the greenflag in the school yard. Ms Annemarie Fenech Adami, Naxxar Mayor and Mr Bernard Grixti, EkoSkola Educator, honoured us with their presence and participation in this celebration.

STEM Debate on Climate Change

Hailey Schembri, our EkoSkola Committee President, participated in an online STEM debate on climate change which included top Maltese politicians. Her opening sentence must make us all reflect:

Climate change is becoming a crisis and we’re the ones who can slow it down.

You can follow the whole debate here:

Well done Hailey!

Official Green Flag Ceremony

Our school was officially awarded the Green Flag award for the work done during scholastic years 2018-2020 in this year’s Green Flag Award Ceremony which took place on Monday 1st March, 2021, under the patronage of HE The President of Malta at San Anton Palace in Attard. Mr Galea (Head of School), Mr Bonnici (Asst Head and EkoSkola Link Person) and Hailey Schembri (Yr 6 Student and President of the EkoSkola Committee) attended on behalf of the school.

Following is a post from the President of Malta including a short video from the President’s Media Office:

Xrobb l-Għaġin Boundary Wall Project

As part of the LEAF programme, our school is participating in the Xrobb l-Għaġin boundary wall project. The aim of the project is to embellish the perimeter wall of the park with indigenous plant and shrub species.

The project consists of upgrading of the boundary wall at Xrobb l-Għaġin Nature Park by demolishing the present eye-sore and constructing an environmentally sensitive wall. The new wall shall include a 1km long stretch circa of low level 5 course wall using weathered recycled limestone. The new wall will consist of 2 m long planters where indigenous coastal shrubs from the Xrobb l-Għaġin peninsula shall be planted. Eco-Schools, LEAF and YRE students are adopting these cuttings for propagation and once they grow they will be planting them into the large planters making up the boundary wall. Our school is one of them.