Next Step: The Environmental Review

The second step in the Ekoskola programme is the Environmental Review.

The review aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity to address environmental issues that are relevant to the school community,
  • Inform the school community about the state of the school’s environment and the environmental impact of the school on its surroundings,
  • Identify aspects of the school’s environment that are not usually addressed,
  • Help the school community to prioritise its needs re-environmental management,
  • Facilitate the drawing up of an environmental action plan, and
  • Provide the tools necessary for monitoring the school’s progress re the implementation of the action plan.

There are a number of areas that we can work on. In order to be more focused, the committee voted for three areas of environmental concern to work on during the next two years.

Committee members counting the votes.

The three areas chosen are: WASTE MINIMISATION, WATER and ENERGY.



One of the roles of the EkoSkola Committee is to inform others about the progress of the work being done and raise awareness on environmental issues.

During the past weeks, committee members informed their respective classes about the steps of the EkoSkola programme and showed them our EkoSkola Committee website.

Great work!

The first committee meeting

On Thursday 22nd November 2018, the committee met for the first time. Roles of the committee members were decided as follows:

President:                             Nikolai Zammit                    Yr 6.2

Vice President:                   Alexander Sciberras           Yr 5.2


Secretary:                             Jake Cini                                Yr 6.1

Asst. Secretary:                  Maganne Xuereb                 Yr 5.1


PR Leader:                            Mikaya Cassar Jackson      Yr 6.3

Deputy PR Leader:             Gabriel Mattarrelli             Yr 5.3

Member of PR team:         Hailey Schembri                  Yr 4.1

Member of PR team:         Jack Xavier Xerri                  Yr 4.2

EkoSkola Committee Elections

The Elections for the EkoSkola Committee were held on Friday 16th November 2018. Pupils in Yr 3, 4, 5 and 6 voted to elect one student to represent their class in this committee. The elected students are:

Yr 3.1             Eliana Falzon

Yr 3.2             Anna Maria Michela DeBartolomeo

Yr 3.3             Ella Barr

Yr 4.1             Hailey Schembri

Yr 4.2             Jack Xavier Xerri

Yr 4.3             Miguel Camilleri

Yr 4.4             Luca Farrugia

Yr 5.1             Maganne Xuereb

Yr 5.2             Alexander Sciberras

Yr 5.3             Gabriel Mattarrelli

Yr 6.1             Jake Cini

Yr 6.2             Nikolai Zammit

Yr 6.3             Mikaya Cassar Jackson